Starting Something New

Hello everyone! My name is Mike Burke and I’m a graduate student pursuing my MA in History at the University of Central Florida. I’m from Pace, FL, a community outside of Pensacola. My research interests involve the 19th century South and Southern Civil War memory. I’m currently working on a project regarding the memory of USTC troops at the Battle of Olustee, Florida. I’m also working on a paper on how southern memory is represented through 20th century bluegrass, and how this memory informs a southern identity.

This summer I will be working on a project for the Florida Historical Quarterly as part of an internship with the journal. THis project aims to rebuild and reorganize the Florida Historical Quarterly Podcast website. A Blogger site recently held a link the the podcast and the related issue’s table of contents. While this was a functioning website for the podcast, it did not provide the style wanted by those involved in the podcast. This past Tuesday, I met with Dr. Cassanello, Dr. Murphree, Dr. Lester and Dr. French to discuss the project in greater detail. In this meeting, we decided on a rebuilding of a website storefront where a viewer can access all FHQ Podcast material easily.

This website will contain a variety of information useful to the viewers of the FHQ podcast series. All audio for the podcasts will be held in a storefront style, where all of the episodes are available at a glance. In addition to the storefront, a variety of other content will be added. Primary source material, FHQ table of contents, further suggested readings, and even teaching guides will become available on this site. The site will be hosted through UCF’s STARS database, an easy to use and university supported platform. Most likely the site will take a similar shape to that of the History of Central Florida podcast website.

Also, I will begin providing social media support for the podcast series. I have chosen Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter as the most easy to use and most likely to be successful platforms. Reddit gives the podcast a clear history “buff” focus as those on reddit usually actively seek their content. Twitter falls a bit in between Reddit and Facebook as most viewers stumble across their content on Twitter. Facebook represents the most casual of users, entirely stumbling across the content.

On Monday, Dr. Cassanello and I will be meeting Mrs. Lee Dotson, the STARS librarian at the UCF Library. Wish us luck!


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