Reaching for STARS

Hello! Hopefully everyone got to stop by the FHS Annual meeting and Symposium to see all of the interesting panels and scholarship being produced by Florida scholars. My session went great, which meant I got to start the week off on a good note.

This past week my internship with the Florida Historical Society led me to Mrs. Lee Dotson’s office in the University of Central Florida Library. Mrs. Dotson is the Digital Humanities Librarian here at the University of Central Florida and she focuses on the multiple digital initiatives the university offers to students and faculty. My meetings consisted of Dr, Cassanello, Mrs. Dotson, and Mr. Richard Harrison talking out the STARS platform, the chosen host for the Florida Historical Quarterly Podcast. STARS is a webhosting service through UCF that focuses on the creation of archives, databases, and other scholarly research, while giving the researcher a stable host through the university. We discusses replicating the History of Central Florida podcast website, but Mrs. Dotson introduced us to a new site format that the Smokejumper Oral History Project has used. This format broadcasts the podcast as a product much more than the History of Central Florida format does. We left Mrs. Dotson with all of the MP3 files for the podcasts, as well as the metadata I had previously created.

I have been creating bibliographic entries for the podcasts and the STARS website. I’ve been making both note and bibliography form for students or researchers who find our topics and discussions interesting and worth citing. Hopefully the presence of the citations on the website will encourage people to use the resource as an actual source, where they may have excluded it due to its unusual nature compared to monographs and interviews, or other primary and secondary sources. (I know I have done this before.)

Later this same week, I also met with Laura Cepero who works for RICHES MI. I had been tasked with bringing the podcasts to her in MP3 form with the metadata. Putting the podcast on RICHES will hopefully offer a larger viewership and give the project a bit of a running start when it comes to the social media ideas that are going to me implemented later this semester.

I also met with Dr. Connie Lester last week in an effort to obtain the front covers and table of contents for the issues that have corresponding podcasts. The covers will be used as static images for people to assign an issues with the podcast they are listening to. The table of contents will hopefully draw readers to the issue itself, allowing them to read the article or articles the podcast is discussing.


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