Recordings and microphones

This week during my internship I continued to convert MP3s to video format for their inclusion into the Florida Historical Quarterly website being built  through UCF’s STARS website service. In addition to this I also began compiling more extensive metadata and learning the differences in recording hardware for further work on the FHQ Podcast.


After meeting with Dr. Cassanello this week, I realized I had been creating my MP4 files incorrectly the whole time. The process I was following consisted of combining the MP3 of the podcasts with the image of the Quarterly front page. After putting them both in the Pinnacle video editing software, I would export them to an MP4 file, creating what would be the YouTube video.

The problem with this is that I assumed the program would extend the image over the video’s length. It did not. Instead, pinnacle only created an image for the video during the first few seconds.

All in all, I had to go back through every video and recreate it, dragging the image through the video length.


I also started working on more extensive and detailed metadata. My previous metadata was created off of the exact terms used in the podcasts. For example, when talking about the Civil Rights Movement I just labeled exactly that. Instead, I could also add the years the movement was active and more specific nomenclature regarding Florida’s civil rights movement. I also continued trying to mal the location of the podcasts topically. Some of them have ambiguous or vague locations, while others are focused on a single modern address. This work is a bit secondary to the metadata and the video creation right now, but I should have it finished in not too long.


Dr. Cassanello also filled my time this week with some training on recording hardware. I should be in this position for the Summer issue of the podcast, and he wants me to be knowledgeable about recording by then.

What Dr. Cassanello has me working with is a digital recorder and a variety of microphones. The recorder has an omnidirectional microphone built into it, and Dr. Cassanello also have me a unidirectional microphone. The goal of this is to help me understand the microphones necessary for different recording situations. Eventually he would like me to practice with the condenser microphone the use on the podcasts, but I’m working with cheaper alternatives currently.

Hopefully by next week our STARS site will be finished and we can begin adding all of the content I’ve been working with. Once the site is published and and we are able to see the fields present, we will be able to create more content.


Soon I will begin working more on teaching plans and ideas, as well as secondary and primary source supplements for the podcasts. I’ll be sure to keep you updated!


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