Waiting it out

Hey everyone, unfortunately this week will be a bit dry in content.

Dr. Cassanello and I have been waiting for Mrs. Lee Dotson to finish up on her work with the Florida Historical Quarterly podcast website. She’s currently finishing things up with the STARS database. When we met her about a month ago we left her with every episode of the podcast as well as the metadata I had collected over the end of the Spring semester and the beginning of Summer. Even though both of these have changed due to the extra metadata I created and the Winter 2016 episode releasing, she assured us that once the site was up and running that it would be easy to edit metadata and add other podcasts.

When the site finally goes live, we should have a variety of information to publish on the page, these include:

  • full episodes in audio format
  • full episodes in video format via YouTube
  • Table of Contents for each issue
  • bibliographic style entries
  • endnote/footnote style entries
  • a variety of metadata for each episode
  • links to the issue in JSTOR (for those no longer affected by the time-wall)

I’m soon beginning work on secondary sources or “further readings” for each topic covered in the podcasts. These will letinterested readers further explore the topic of their interest. A few of them have been a little more troublesome to find good sources to include due to their relative obscurity. For example, it was significantly easier to find some works regarding Jackson, Jacksonian America, and his time as governor of Florida versus finding works about Florida law and waste management

Once the website is up, our next step is to complete these further readings and begin working on the “FHQ in the Classroom” segment of the website. The “FHQ in the Classroom” will give applicable podcasts a element for middle and high schoolers. All of these teaching plans/assignments should conform to the Sunshine State Standards, and I’ve emailed a close family friend who is an educator here in Florida to insure I am going about matching assignments to standards when the time comes. She has agreed to look over some of the work I’m doing to see if it will transfer into the classroom easily.

Hopefuly by next week we can have a “grand unveiling” of the site with most of the information inputted. We’ll just have to see.


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