The Learning Process

Hey everyone!

This week at my internship with UCF and the Florida Historical Quarterly I made a bunch of mistakes!


In a few of my previous blog posts I had mentioned that I was working on creating video files, specifically MP3s, for the Florida Historical Quarterly podcast archive currently in the making with STARS at the UCF Library. I had talked about how I forgot to match the image length with the audio length, leading to a few seconds of video followed by nearly a half hour of black screen audio. I did fix all this when I ran across this problem, finally saving them to my Google Drive and the flash drive I carry around. This week i happened to check back on the files and make sure they were of a decent quality. Video quality isn’t of the utmost importance due to the purpose of the video being the streaming of the podcast, but I thought I’d check to see how they turned out. Here’s where I found my mistakes, or maybe they should just be called errors.

When I played the videos back they audio and video appeared correctly, with the timer starting at zero and the cover of the respective issue appearing in the center of the video. I contemplated remaking the videos because the image seemed a little grainy due to a 2000×4000 pixel image being squished into a 420p video, but I asked Dr. Cassanello and he said it was alright.After I got about 5 minutes into the video, I realized the timer had reached the end of its scale, but the audio and video were still running. I went back to the folder I had the videos stored in and checked the Length option to see how long Windows was marking them. The video vary between 20 and 40 minutes, but windows was claiming they were only anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes. I ran this by Dr. Cassanello and we tried to troubleshoot some problems with my version of Pinnacle by using his version on campus. Despite the computer change, it still produced the corrupted video.

Next, we began breaking down different parts of the process to figure out what was going wrong. We reexported the pdfs of the the FHQ covers to see if it was a problem with the image, but the program produced the same images with no problems. We also put the MP3s of the podcast back into audacity to see if anything was wrong there, but nothing came up. We then put both the image and the audio into Pinnacle, and this time something new came up. The audio had an image with it already, which must have come from the iTunes requirements for the podcast.

It runs out that if the audio has an image already paired with it, and you try to place another image on top of that it will ruin/corrupt the video files. To counter this, we put the audio back into audacity and exported it as a raw MP3, that way it had no extra data attached with it. When we used this audio the video came out perfectly.


All in all this week was another learning experience, and today Ms. Lee Dotson released the podcast website, which means we can begin working and uploading on the actual product! We’ll have something about that next week.


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