Working hard at my mistakes, and more!

Hello everyone, this week’s blog post might be a bit short.

To discuss the developments of this week: our site was finally released by the library staff working with STARS! You can find it here at

With my time stretched thin between work, class, and this internship, I am still primarily working on the problems I discussed last week. I have three more videos to redo, which involves the uploading of the audio to Audacity, converting it from a more detailed MP3 file to a file that has no images interwoven within it, uploading that MP3 to Pinnacle and then reexporting the video file with the proper image attached. All in all, each process takes about 30 minutes to an hour and I’m closely watching them this time around.

In addition to that work Dr. Cassanello and I have contacted Ms. Lee Dotson (UCF STARS) in regards to a few minor changes regarding the site. One small thing that we didn’t think about when setting up the site was that the entries needed to be listed in reverse chronological order. Having the podcasts in traditional order would place the very first episode  as the one users first interact with on the site. We thought it would be best if the episodes were shown with the most recent first. My thought about this have to do with the idea that most readers/listeners will be searching for the podcast during the release of the latest issue. Ideally the two mediums will be working together. We also needed the FHQ banner added to the site, and we are currently working on getting the iTunes button so that those using iOS and Mac can directly download from the iTunes store rather than having to upload a file to iTunes.


I’m currently working on finding the differences between the FHQ podcast website and the History of Central FLorida website. We want to replicate the latter with the FHQ site. Basically I’m going through entries and finding what may be useful or may be different between the two. Currently, the pregenerated bibliographic notes are wrong and I am starting work on those next week. So see you then!



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