Finishing up old projects and planning new ones.

Hey everyone, this week might be a bit short due to some time crunches this week. I’ve had a lot going on with my British Empire course and my job with Dr. Cassanello, Florida Frontiers, and digital initiatives here at the University of Central Florida.

Regarding the future of the Florida Historical Podcast website, Dr. Cassanello has been preparing multiple things for me to continue doing until the end of my internship, and then to follow the internship if I am interested, which I am.

Last week Dr. Cassanello asked me to take note of the difference between the Florida Historical Quarterly podcast site hosted via STARS, and the History of Central Florida Podcast website (the inspiration for the FHQ site). Dr. Cassanello really appreciated how the library and the STARS crew set up the History of Central Florida site, but he thought it needed a more storefront sort of look. We accomplished that earlier in the semester by changing the layout and template for the STARS site to give it a storefront feel. Instead of layout, Dr. Cassanello wanted me to take inventory of the things the History of Central Florida site had that we have not begun working on.

The first thing I noticed was the main pages were slightly different. The History of Central Florida podcast project has a brief blurb explaining its content and purpose. We are currently figuring out a working blurb for the FHQ podcast site. Ms. Dotson also recently put the banner with the FHQ logo on the front page of the site for the podcast, which knocked that off my list.

Next I took a look the individual sites for the podcasts. The primary differences i reported to Dr. Cassanello were:

  • Social Media Buttons
  • iTunes buttons
  • Download counts
  • Professional pages
  • Related Materials
  • Maps
  • Related Images
  • Video Streaming of the the podcast

The first, Social Media buttons, was knocked out quickly as the STARS interface has a built in function for that. Ms. Dotson simply had to activate and place the buttons on the page for us. Next, we want an iTunes button for people to download the podcasts through the iTunes service if they use apple devices. After all, the podcast was invented by Apple! Next, I was informed that download counts only appear after 15 downloads of the podcast, so that is something that will come with time.

Off the topic of buttons, the professional pages for each podcast participant are available through the History of Central Florida podcast website. I thought that links fot the interviewee’s personal website, university site, or employment page would be useful in helping listeners find related material by that author. In addition to this, the next step would be provided related reading materials or further readings for the podcast to help those who want to learn more on a topic. This would likely come after the personal websites due to their related information and considering that the personal websites should be consulted for this information.

I don’t think maps or related images can be included with the time left in the semester, but I am interested in adding them later on. The maps are particularly hard to make due to the lack of spatial factors in the podcasts. Many of them may use locations for a portion of the argument, but they tend to focus on people, movements, or other vague things when it comes to mapping. Related images will simply be a time sink that will require the uploader to have some semblance of knowledge when it comes to each topic. This could be done, but not in our time frame.

Lastly, I am nearly done converting videos, so these will definitely be included on the podcast site this semester. I should have them finished over the weekend hopefully.


Dr. Cassanello and I have to work out what he wants to be finished by the en of the semester. He knows that the site is not a 12 week job, and i okay with breaking it up into another student’s internship or with me outside the internship. I’m always for working on projects to build the CV. See you next week!


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