Nearing the End

Hello everyone!


This week in my internship I worked with Dr. Cassanello on our website, as well as collaborating with Laura Cepero and Lee Dotson of RICHESMI and the UCF Library.


In regards to Dr. Cassanello, our meetings this week consisted of figuring out information for the front page of the website, as well as determining the different things i need to finish by the end of my internship. I’ve worked on all of these things throughout the week finishing a few, while still having a good bit left to do.


Here’s the first page blurb i came up with (pending Dr. Cassanello’s approval):

“The Florida Historical Quarterly Podcast Project is part of a digital initiative within the Florida Historical Quarterly. The podcast is edited by Dr. Robert Cassanello and produced by Dr. Daniel Murphree.

The FHQ podcasts provide listeners with insight on the content published in the Florida Historical Quarterly and the authors and others who help create it. Published four times annually, the FHQ promotes scholarly research and appreciation for the peoples, places, and diversity of Florida’s past.”

This first section states those who work on the podcast (minus me since I’m a student and work under Dr. Cassanello), and the latter half of the blurb was taken from the FHQ Podcast iTunes pages.


In addition to this, I created social media button/widgets for the website.These include a facebook button that links to the Florida Historical Quarterly facebook, a itunes button that sends you to the iTunes page in your browser, and a final one that is a twitter button. This sends you to the Florida Historical Quarterly Twitter page.

THis is the HTML code I wrote to embed the button and images, I took the images from the FHQ website and the links come from the FHQ social media pages. The code may require some reworking, but I have the information I need to send to the library.

<a href=”“><img src=””FHQ on Facebook” /></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href=”“><img src=””FHQ Podcast” /></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href=”“><img src=””FHQ on Twitter” /></a>

In addition to the media buttons, I left the MP4s i created with Laura Cepero on Thursday. She uploaded them all to the RICHESMI YouTube, and gave me a link to all of them. On Monday I’m shooting these over to Lee Dotson, and all the MP4s should be on the website for streaming.




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