Finishing up!

Hey everyone! This is my final week in my internship with the Florida Historical Quarterly. To recap the summer and its goals:

I sought out an internship with Dr. Cassanello and the Florida Historical Quarterly podcast back in April, and Drs. French and Cassanello set up an internship meant o rebuild the Florida Historical Quarterly Podcast webpage. Initially, the webpage was built on a Blogger site, with each episode occupying a blog post on this website.

Our initial goal for the internship was to recreate the Florida Historical Quarterly Podcast in a storefront style webpage. Dr. Cassanello had previously created his “History of Central Florida” podcast series with the help of the University of Central Florida Library and the STARS team. Ms. Lee Dotson, the digital initiatives librarian at the John C. Hitt library immediately began working with us at the start of summer. From there, we consistently sent information back and forth as we added episodes and changed the layout of the STARS webpage. We finally settled on a design and began really adding information about 5 weeks in.

I also collaborated with Laura Cepero in the RICHESMI office in an effort to house our audio and video on the RICHESMI interface and database. Laura handled the uploading of the MP3 files to RICHESMI and also uploaded the MP4 files I created to YouTube so that we could add a streaming option to the new website.

From there, we added a variety of fields including:

  • Title
  • Downloading the podcast
  • Streaming the podcast
  • Description
  • Narrator
  • Interviewer
  • Interviewee
  • Date
  • Keywords
  • Length
  • Collection
  • Issue
  • Issue table of contents
  • Recommended Citation

One final thing I’m still working on is the inclusion of a hyperlink to the spotlit author or editor’s personal website/institutional website. This will allow users to find additional publishings by the other, possibly on a similar topic.

As you read this, I am probably working hard at finishing up the content uploads to the website before my final presentation of the project. I’m currently  doing large batch fills of a variety of last minute information and generally cleaning up the site. This process is not particularly difficult, just time consuming. The process of uploading the information, if you want to do it efficiently, requires a lot of preplanning. All of the information must be readily available so that you can fill the fields quickly. I’m the kind of person that determines the process as they go, but this task required much more planning on my part. By this time next week all of the final changes to the website will be done, and the final product presented to Drs. French, Cassanello, Lester, and Murphree.

My time in this internship has taught me a lot about collaboration and time management. Depending on other people for a part of your project really makes you get things going in a timely manner. Setbacks of an hour can lead to a day long setback if that hour falls when people are leaving their offices.

Ultimately, my time with the FHQ has been fun and interesting. I would definitely recommend any undergraduate or graduate student to seek out an internship with the journal. Interning in such an academic setting, no matter what your internship is, gives you a clear advantage over those who haven’t taken hold of these opportunities.

i hope everyone had a good summer, hopefully Fall is just as fun!




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